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In our blog you can read about the most interesting places, attractions and special recommendations for sightseeing Novi Sad and its surroundings, interesting stories about cultural-historical heritage, wine routes and gastronomic specialities, and find the overview of monthly cultural events and most up-to-date news and information in the fields of tourism and hospitality industry.

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What to see in Novi Sad

For three centuries already, namely as long as it has been existing under the names of Novi Sad /Újvidék/ Neusatz, the city has been the space of diverse and rich cultural heritage of many nations living in it. Material and intangible cultural heritage that has been created during the past centuries is the basis serving as the foundation of an interactive network of scientific and institutions of culture, which makes Novi Sad of today the space of active meeting of cultures and diverse identities.

Its urban core is characterized by baroque, neo-renaissance, classicistic, and Bauhaus buildings, as well as numerous religious buildings.

Each visitor is free to create his or her own experience based on their internal feelings for beautiful and pleasant, attractive and joyful, useful and affordable by getting to know different layers of the past and present of Novi Sad. Novi Sad, as the city on the Danube, the city of European history and tradition as well as Balkans endemic hospitality is an experience that you have been missing.


Autumn in Novi Sad

At the site where the Danube is so beautiful that every conqueror wished to have it, on a tame fertile bank where for centuries not only the most diverse flora but also exceptional people have been growing, in a climate that resists every unreasonable haste and cherishes patience as virtue, the great inspiration of poets and musicians – the divine Novi Sad – has nested itself.

If Novi Sad were music, it would probably be jazz, because rarely any other genre can unite all the rhythms that intertwine in its cobbles, Fortress, “Štrand” beach resort, parks … One could hear a little bit of saxophone from its cult bands, along with a little of never forgotten tamburica, tender guitars of street musicians, and fierce drums from the fortress…

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Accommodation in Novi Sad

Novi Sad can boast with a varied offer of accommodation facilities that meet the needs of tourists of different affinities. As the administrative centre of Vojvodina, Novi Sad has developed into a congress tourism destination, which has a large number of modernly equipped congress halls.

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They say you
never forget your
first love.

I think this applies not only to people;
but also cities.

Aleksnadra Thorne The Balkan Backpacker (2014)

Don’t try to
understand it
feel it.

It’s never just one thing, it’s always
something in between.

Tamara Maksimović x T.O.N.S New brand identity (2021)

This is the city i
keep coming back to,
noisy and peaceful
at the same time.

It can bring something to everyone,
above all inspiration.If you visit it once,
there will surley be something
left to return to.

Petra Serbia (2022)

Novi Sad:
the express poem
on the Danube

Culture is around every corner
Novi Sad has a lot to offer,
a lot to tell and a lot of
experiences to offer.

Volf-Kristijan Ulrik www.zdf.de (2022)

That warm soul
of Novi Sada.

This is a city tailored to young people
that is bustling with life. Destination
that will quickly become “yours”
and win you over with warmth,
hospitality and openness – not to
mention fantastic food.

Andrea Šitum Editor, Naturala (2019)

Novi Sad,
the place where
i always feel good.

For me, Novi Sad is a special
kind of peace, with
some special kind of energy
Every time i feel good being here.
Isn’t that the best possible kind of
recommendation for visitng a city?

Milan Maglov Belgrade (2022)

In a city where disused factories have
become buyying art venues, a historic
fortress doubles as a music festival site
and vivid street art brightens up the
most unexpected neighbourhood
corners, it’s almost too easy to immerse
yourself in Novi Sad’s cultural scene.

Helen Elfner www.euronews.com, (2021)

Shopping in Novi Sad

Good shopping in Novi Sad means sheer pleasure as it is the case with many other larger cities that have to offer a variety of places for shopping. The city green markets offer fresh produces of domestic agricultural manufacturers. The picturesque and interesting offer of souvenirs can be found in many passages and main streets of the city, as well as in some better supplied book stores and retail stores.

Tourist info center

City center – Trg slobode 3
Opening hours on working days from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
From 09:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays
+381(0)21 66 17 343; +381(0)21 66 17 344

Main railway station – Jaše Tomića 4
Opening hours Tuesday till Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Useful information