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52 weekends in Novi Sad

October 20, 2023

The tourism product “52 weekends in Novi Sad” was our quick and, as it turned out, very effective response to the restrictions on movement and travel brought about by the global pandemic of the corona virus. As is well known, the tourism industry was paralyzed during that period, which is why we launched a campaign through social networks and through our own website, which aimed to establish awareness of Novi Sad as a meaningful and unique tourist brand, which offers content for 52 weeks of the year. The result was an “explosion” in the number of visitors immediately after the easing of strict measures. The variety of motifs, services and events of the city, which, with its urban center and rural surroundings, offers visitors an agenda of unrepeatable content, served as the basis for creating 52 opportunities to visit Novi Sad throughout the year. Casualness of the people of Novi Sad and their inimitable feeling for combining the gastronomic tastes of Central and Southern Europe are woven into each of the 52 offered opportunities for a unique experience of Novi Sad. It turned out that publication printed in several languages, created as a result of the “52 weekends in Novi Sad” project, was one of the most sought after at domestic and international fairs and events. Its stronghold is the exceptional content of urban and rural space of Novi Sad, and it was created in relation to the challenges and opportunities that brought Novi Sad the prestigious titles of Youth Capital of Europe in 2019 and European Capital of Culture in 2022.

Written by: Gordana Stojaković