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Novi Sad: Favourite destination among digital nomads

September 24, 2021

In their wandering around the world, digital nomads found Novi Sad a city similar to them. A place with a unique lifestyle that is characterized by a constant intertwining of pleasant and useful. It is the reason that Novi Sad is among the Top 50 best destinations for living in Europe among digital nomads.

Written by: Dragan Gmizić

There are numerous reasons why people came to live in this area. Each of us has “a grandmother or a grandfather, close or distant relatives” who came here who knows when and who knows why. Their stories are a more or less important part of our family traditions. However, to hear that people choose a place to live because of the good internet !? That is, for these several centuries of existence of Novi Sad, a true novelty. And the Internet is one of the reasons why in recent years more and more people from Western Europe and North America have decided to live and work in Novi Sad. Naturally, for digital nomads, as they call people who do not have to do their job from the office but from a place they like, a good internet connection is important, although it is not even close to being crucial! In a city whose residents boast of a casual lifestyle that intertwines comfortably and usefully, digital nomads have found their home. Temporary for now, but… Who knows? After all, this is confirmed by the most popular website where you can find out about destinations that are favourable for the life of digital nomads. On their lists, Novi Sad is constantly among the top 50 European and top 100 world destinations.

The short description reads – “Amazing city! So cute and friendly. People speak English well, and food, drinks and taxis are cheap.” And indeed, Novi Sad has every chance for digital nomads to fall in love with it. Excellent transport infrastructure (close to the international airport, railway and highway) makes it easily accessible from any part of the world. In the city itself, in particular when compared to other major cities in Europe and the world, life is truly aligned with the lifestyle of digital nomads. The possibilities are diverse. The city is favourable for pedestrians and cyclists, which makes it comfortable to move around. The offer of cultural and artistic contents in the form of numerous festivals, museums, galleries, historical and sacral monuments, as well as concert spaces is rich and diverse throughout the year. The proximity of the Danube and Fruška Gora and numerous city parks are ideal for recreation and enjoying nature. The gastronomic tradition of this area, which is characterized by a combination of Balkan and Central European cuisine, is widely known. Combined with authentic wines and the active nightlife of bars, cafes and pubs, Novi Sad is increasingly ranked on the European and world lists of the best destinations for the life of digital nomads. And yes, maybe the internet is really one of the reasons why digital nomads come here, but all the other reasons will cause many of them to stay here forever. Just like the most of us.