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Insurgent Fruška gora

October 20, 2023

During the Second World War, Fruška Gora was a focal point of resistance to the fascist occupiers. Traces of anti-fascist history are inscribed in the area of Fruška gora, residents’ memories, museum exhibits and historical reading books. Part of the monuments and famous places, a mark of the anti-fascist epic, are located along the Patrisan road, which connects Banstol on the eastern side and Vizić and Neštin on the western side of Fruška gora. This anti-fascist heritage was not the focus of the tourist flows that move along the Partizan road towards the most attractive locations of the Fruška gora National Park, such as: Iriški venac, Zmajevac, Brankovac, Jabuka, Letenka, then the monasteries and settlements in the surrounding area. Therefore, in 2021, we launched the “Insurgent Fruška gora” project, with the aim of identifying and reaffirming the monuments and other heritage (burial places, traditions) of the National Liberation Struggle, inscribed in the area immediately along the Partizan road. The result of the project, materialized through the “Insurgent Fruška gora” Tourist map, is a useful and effective connection of the anti-fascist heritage with the existing offer, which includes hiking, gastronomic, wine and monastery tours of Fruška gora.

Written by: Gordana Stojaković