Wine trails

The history of Fruška Gora vineyards is an exciting story. Many people are familiar with the fact that the planned planting of vines on Fruška Gora dates back to the reign of Emperor Probus (Marcus Aurelius Probus), who allowed vineyards to be raised in the Roman provinces as well. The disappearance of the Romans from the historical stage did not threaten the vineyards at Fruška Gora because the Hungarian and Slavic population, which flooded the vast areas of Pannonia, continued to grow them. Viticulture continued developing thanks to the knowledge and skills brought to these areas by Christian missionaries, and monasteries and manorial estates became the centres of development. The Hungarian kings Bela IV in the 13th century and Matthias Corvinus in the 15th century introduced privileges for the renewal of vineyards and the development of Srem viticulture, which became highly valued throughout Hungary.


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