When everything starts smelling like winter and starts resembling to a fairy tale filled with magical winter spells and first snow flakes colour the roofs and squares in white, many cities of the Old Continent turn into great colourful fairs visited by people from all over the world. At that glorious winter stage shines a new-old star – Novi Sad!

The city that has been proclaimed the third best destination that should be visited in 2019 by the “Lonely Planet” is excitedly awaiting for the New 2019 and its deserved titled of the European Youth Capital.

A number of magical winter events, joy, happy moments, gifts exchanging and love turn the cold December and January into a warm and magical Winter Fantasy – a unique experience you need to live through.

Between the two Christmases, between the Julian and Gregorian New Year, the squares and streets of Novi Sad become concert stages and halls, places of universal messages, love, happiness, gifts exchanging, place of hearts open to all the people.

Music, singing, dancing, joy and relaxed atmosphere are waiting for you at several venues in the city, at celebrations of both the Julian and Gregorian New Years. During a New Year’s Eve Novi Sad will transform itself entirely into a fairy tale city decorated with smiles and good mood, in a glorious atmosphere created jointly by the performers and their audience. The squares and streets of Novi Sad will turn into the gathering points of old friends scattered around the world and place of new meetings that yield with new friendships or future loves. Therefore, hurry and make an appointment with your friends in Novi Sad at places you already know or you wish to get to know and step into a New 2019 together!

But that is not the end … Winter fantasy in Novi Sad is made up of many more things!

A favourite winter festival that fills up the celebratory atmosphere with its diverse programmes – “Novi Sad Winter Fest” – turns the Liberty Square into a true winter fairy tale until the end of December offering you a fiacre drive, holiday style music, legendary Vojvodina delicacies and a multitude of interesting products you can give to your dearest ones.

In order to make your Winter Fantasy complete there you have the magical “Icy Forest“! During December and January the paths of Dunavski Park turn into skating rinks while the trees decorates with lanterns transforms the entire park into a true winter fairy tale that evokes joy and smiles. Hot tea, warmed up wine and the smells of traditional winter delicacies will fill up your experience of Novi Sad Winter Fantasy.

That is why we invite you once again to come to Novi Sad, to feel the warmth of this magical city, to experience your Winter Fantasy and create memories that you will always remember.