Winter Fantasy



Winter in Novi Sad resembles equally to a fairytale with and without snow, because the magical city with old buildings is beautifully decorated at this time of a year, and at the same time abounds in romantic and exciting locations, accessible to visitors even in these specific, uncertain times.

Novi Sad is an eternal inspiration for artists, poets, painters, writers, musicians … A city that stands out from the hectic, chaotic city time with its rhythm, as if it is embracing you and moving you from the moment you are in. Here you just can’t help but stop, breathe in peace, “feel” the history and, at least for a moment, take a break from everything that burdens you, scares you or pushes you into haste.


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If the winter atmosphere and festive spirit inspire you, we recommend that you participate in the Photo Contest “Winter Fantasy in Novi Sad – We choose the most beautiful winter photos”. Valuable prizes from donors await the authors of the most interesting photographs, who can take new ones or send their old memories from snowy Novi Sad.


Here are some suggestions for places where it is certain you can make excellent photos and have a great time and experience something new and extraordinary!


City centre is unavoidable in all the tours around the former Neoplanta. Although we cannot gather in large numbers at Winterfest or skate in the Ice Forest as in previous years, the New Year is not cancelled – winter magic is already felt in the air! New Year’s lighting already adorns the city centre, and there is no lack of that magical holiday atmosphere. Experience your fairytale under a beautiful star vault in Zmaj Jovina Street, one of the most beautiful and liveliest streets in the city. Naturally, you can also stay on the spacious Liberty Square, because the Church of the Name of Mary, the City Hall and other buildings represent a unique environment for taking beautiful photos.

The city with the soul hides one of the most beautiful Novi Sad parks – the famous Dunavski (Danube) Park. Be sure to walk through it, make a few photos at this place and remember the beautiful memories with a smile.

Petrovaradin Fortress is another synonym for exciting and romantic. Old red brick walls, stone gates and cobbled tunnels, mystical stairs, old roofs and colourful buildings are a constant inspiration, both to artists and to all other visitors to this unique building…

From the walls of the fortress a magnificent view of the city panorama extends, of its boulevards, buildings and towers of churches and synagogues. Here you will always find interesting and beautiful corners for photography taking, and when you capture the moments at the Old Clock and the viewpoint, go to other parts of the fortress. Only the sky is the limit of your imagination when you take the camera in your hands at this place that whispers thousands of stories, secrets and legends…

Fruška Gora National Park is within the reach of one’s legs, so to say. The adventurers and nature lovers who like to walk in the woods will be thrilled when they put on their hiking boots and embark on exploration and adventure. Without exaggeration, we can say that Fruška Gora is visited in winter with the same enjoyment as in summer. Take your phone or camera out of your backpack immediately, keep it handy, because you will find inspiration for taking photos here every step of the way.


No, parties and festivals are not necessary for Novi Sad to be experienced in full light. On the contrary, meet it so calm and quiet, maybe you will then feel its special spirit much more easily. And once, when the various wonderful events that this city otherwise abounds with begin again, you will return to experience that segment as well. Because there is no one who does not want to return!

Right now is the ideal time to experience a charming, soothing and special – a true Novi Sad winter!

Photo Contest

Photo Contest from 08.12.2020. till 22.01.2021.

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