Fruška gora

National Park "Fruška Gora" was established in 1960 and it was the oldest one in the Socialist Yugoslavia. At the surface of around 25,000 hectares covered by the National Park "Fruška Gora" there are protected unique landscapes, valuable geological and geo-morphological units, rare plant and animal species, and forest complexes. The spas of Vrdnik and Slankamen and lakes, among which Borkovac, Sot, Banja-Bruje, Moharač, and Medješ that are important for tourism enrich the contents of the area. Places that belong to most important material and cultural heritage in the territory of the National Park "Fruška Gora" include the complex of Serbian Orthodox monasteries, valuable spatial cultural-historical units, archaeological sites, examples of folk architecture, ethnological heritage, individual monuments of culture, and famous sites such as Petrovaradin Fortress and site of Battle of Vezirac, which could be singled out as tourist sites in the territory of the City of Novi Sad. Fruška Gora is the area of good wines with the following prominent wine centres: Irig, Banoštor, Sremski Karlovci, and Šid.

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