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Explore the magical aromas and flavours of our local vineyards

October 20, 2023

The area of Fruška gora is a mythical terrain that unites picturesque landscapes, sentimentality towards tradition and baroque celebration of life, all along roads woven from vineyards, wineries and winemaking families, proud of the wines with which they welcome their guests. The Tourism Organization of the City of Novi Sad presented Fruškogorje through six wine routes, where, in addition to the offer of wineries, there are natural and created values in the immediate surroundings that are worth visiting.

While visiting the wineries, we tried to present the families of winemakers through the ways in which they welcome guests and through family stories, created in the glory of grapes and wine. These are treasures that can only be experienced in the ambience of that family environment in which the memory of the love with which grandparents hugged their grandchildren, teaching them winemaking and other forgotten knowledge is still alive.
During the field research, we singled out the Novi Sad wine route as a special brand – a hedonistic story created from unforgettable experiences and warmth, which the visitor can experience. The wine and wine stories of the Novi Sad wine route, born out of a tradition warmed by the love for the mystery of wine, and the richness of the landscape where they are produced, have thus made a great entrance to the tourist offer of the Novi Sad area. Our plan is to complete the gastronomic and wine offer of Novi Sad in the future, by pairing wines from local family wineries with traditional cuisine of Vojvodina, in which products of geographical origin occupy an important place (e.g. carrots from Begeč, cabbage from Futog and linden honey).

The Fruška gora Wine routes project, with a special emphasis on the Novi Sad wine route, is the basis for the project called “Tour4WINE”, with which TONS, together with partners from Croatia, applied for funds from the European Union fund in September of this year. The theme of the project is development and promotion of Novi Sad wine tourist offer, through strengthening the capacity of small local family wineries and education of the tourism industry, with the aim of increasing their competitive ability in the field of wine tourism, as well as raising awareness of the public (citizens and tourists) about the historical development, importance and tradition of winemaking and viticulture in the area of the City of Novi Sad and about the wine tourist offer.

Written by: Gordana Stojaković and Tijana Vujasinović