Novi Sad for seniors

A stroll along the pedestrian zone of Novi Sad is a comfortable activity that carries with it a certain dose of refinement that is hinted to the visitors through a story of city’s history and its residents. Some of the most important museum and gallery exhibitions as unavoidable destinations of many visitors and organised tourist visits are housed in the central, pedestrian zone. A place of interest for the tourists is Riblja pijaca that has become with a renovated and arranged Republic Square, the venue of diverse events celebrating food and wine. It is always a good thing to shortly interrupt a tour of the city for the sake of culinary enjoyment provided by numerous restaurants in the central urban core, “čardas” along the Danube or nearby “salaš” farmstead. You can spend the remainder of your day in one of the renowned confectioneries of Novi Sad such as Vremeplov, Carigrad, City, Mocart… If you are a true fan of opera, ballet or drama repertoire, we strongly recommend you to pay a visit to the Serbian National Theatre. You may also choose some of the shows from the repertoire of Novosadsko pozorište (Újvidéki Színház).

Info: Gallery of Matica Srpska +381 (0)21 48 99 000; The Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection +381 (0)21 472-99-66; Museum of Vojvodina +381 (0)21 420-566,, Foreign Art Collection +381 (0)21 451-239; Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodine +381 (0)21 526 634 ; Serbian National Theatre + 381 (0)21 520 091 Novosadsko pozorište (Újvidéki Színház) +381 (0) 21 525 552 Confectionery Vremeplov, Bul oslobođenja 96; Confectionery Carigrad, Mihajla Pupina 11; Confectionery City, Pozorišni trg 6; Kafe Confectionery, Mozart Riblja market; Confectionery Evropa, Dunavska 6.