About Novi Sad

For three centuries already, namely as long as it has been existing under the names of Novi Sad /Újvidék/Neusatz, the city has been the space of diverse and rich cultural heritage of many nations living in it. Material and intangible cultural heritage that has been created during the past centuries is the basis serving as the foundation of an interactive network of scientific and institutions of culture, which makes Novi Sad of today the space of active meeting of cultures and diverse identities. Novi Sad was awarded with the titles of European Capital of Culture 2022 and European Youth Capital 2019 thanks to the creative energy inherent to youth groups and organizations that have contributed to an already recognizable traditional cultural platform.


Novi Sad is the city of museums, galleries, and events among which the EXIT Music Festival has acquired international rewards and indisputable recognisability. With its urban core and rural surroundings Novi Sad provides the visitors the agenda of unbelievably rich content. In the vicinity of an urban city core characterized by baroque, neo-renaissance, classicistic, and Bauhaus buildings, there are picnic sites, preserved eco-systems and the complex of Serbian Orthodox monasteries within the area of the National Park Fruška Gora. “Salaš” farmsteads, “čarda” taverns and wine trails at the outskirts of Novi Sad provide the visitors the opportunity to experience all the richness of gastronomy and rural traditions. Novi Sad, as a city on the Danube, a city of European history and tradition as well as Balkans endemic hospitality is an experience that you have been missing.