When Novi Sad blooms in spring

Novi Sad is a natural home to spring. If it is true that “nomen (est) omen” the spring is right since it is welcomed most festively and preserved in the city with the name of Neoplanta (Neusatz, Нови Сад, Újvidek). Nevertheless, mimosas from the surroundings of Herceg Novi are the first heralds of spring since they introduce a passionate yellow colour in February already into the blue shades of the city’s landmarks that are still chained with winter and “košava”.


It seems as if that spring introduces  slowly the serenity with its pure yellow flower bunches as in a good advertisement announcing the dashes of sunny days in the near future,. And when the announcement becomes the reality Novi Sad parks and markets are the first places that come to life. Dunavski (Danube), Futoški, Limanski and Kamenica Park become in spring the desirable places for meetings, relaxation, entertainment, recreation and enjoyment in the shade of nettle, plane, bald cypress, Turkish filbert, red plum, swamp cypress, Austrian and Scots pine trees…


Novi Sad markets are not less interesting: Futoška, Limanska and Riblja (Fish) market where all spring treasures of fertile Bačka flatland and Srem area of Fruška Gora are brought. Market stalls overladen with vegetables, fruit and diverse animals that as long as yesterday used to cackle, quack… attract merrily the city’s population and restaurant owners who offer their guests local and global gastronomic pleasures.


The city centre, along the pedestrian zone, becomes an endless spring garden in the core of which there are bunches of restaurant tables and coffee shops that resemble to a backbone of a line of romantic passages. This is where from an early morning to late at night the spring life of Novi Sad is happening in the most intensive way. Merry processions of festivals such as Zmaj’s Games for Children, Cabanero Salsa Festival or Tamburica Fest pass occasionally through the central city core. In spring, Novi Sad can live in the rhythm of NOMUS, Serbian Fashion Week, Agricultural Fair and Sterija’s Theatre Festival. The citizens descend to the Danube, the main street of Novi Sad, annulling the division line between the Srem and Bačka sides of the city. A powerful Petrovaradin Fortress and its Suburbium on the Srem side of the city display in spring a baroque yellow glow of representational buildings and gates witnessing repeatedly on spatial-temporal history of Europe.


The spring dresses the Novi Sad pupils, students and all other young people into their spring clothes in the way that the city become the reservoir of life activity, openness, creative curiosity and tolerance. During this year, too, Novi Sad boasts a number of interesting programmes and events as part of the European Youth Capital and that is the opportunity to exchange, merge and implement numerous ideas, hopes and occasionally love with all those who feel young and come to our city.

The spring changes a grey-blue winter colour of Fruška Gora into an attractive green filling its picnic sites, wineries, mountaineering tracks, monasteries and ethno houses with picnic goers, mountaineers, pupils and pilgrims. The Danube “čarda” taverns, in particular the seasonal ones, are preparing their yards and mooring facilities, stocks in larders and wine in barrels for new challenges: those of the Danube and those of gastronomy that will be later retold beside a simple furnace in winter afternoons and evenings. Spring is the time to drink the already matured wine and craft beer that is constantly improving in quality.


If you come to the spring Novi Sad you will not regret. Spring in Novi Sad is a baroque garden filled with diverse flowers and it is not difficult to fit into such bunch.


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