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Cultural centres and cultural stations

October 8, 2021

The Cultural Centre of Novi Sad and the Novi Sad Children’s Cultural Centre present programmes that affirm cultural heritage, creativity and art education for a versatile approach to culture. Recently, the programmes and events have been grouping within the new cultural matrix in relation to traditional cultural production – towards the avant-garde and alternative. Their programme epicentre is in the Students’ Cultural Centre, and the spatial one in Chinese Quarter, as well as at the Boat Theatre in summer. The new creative energy is more and more clearly distributed outside the traditional city spaces for cultural contents, and so the Cultural Centre “Prostor” (“Space”), and cultural stations Svilara and Eđšeg affirm the newly constituted identity of Novi Sad – the European Capital of Culture 2022.


Recommendation: You can find out about the programmes of the above-mentioned institutions, which can complete the contents of stay of organized groups or individuals, via web addresses of the Tourism Organisation of the City of Novi Sad and the institutions themselves.