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Novi Sad from Jewish perspective

October 1, 2021

The cooperation between the Jewish municipality Novi Sad and Tourism Organization of the City of Novi Sad contributed to introducing activities that affirm Jewish heritage, history, tradition in a public space of the city in a manner that makes it more accessible to foreign visitors and residents. The publication “Novi Sad – View on Jewish cultural heritage“, (Jewish municipality Novi Sad 2012) opening of the Synagogue with expert interpretation and promotional tour “Novi Sad from Jewish perspective” are part of the plan that has been fully accepted .

The journey through past of Novi Sad Jewish community usually starts in Jevrejska Street that used to be the part of former Jewish quarter formed during the mid-18th century. The street followed the growth and development of the city, as well as its sufferings out of which the particularly devastating one was the bombardment with cannons from Petrovaradin Fortress during the uprising in 1849. The Jevrejska Street was restored during the 19th century and as such was filled with large and small shops, craft shops, doctor offices, textiles and family houses of renowned Jews from Novi Sad. Nowadays, the street is a busy city thoroughfare dominated by the Novi Sad Synagogue.

The largest number of visitors interested in Jewish heritage visits the Synagogue as foundations of spiritual, social and cultural life of Jewish community of Novi Sad. The Novi Sad Synagogue together with the buildings of Jewish school and Jewish municipality is a spatial cultural-historic whole built in 1909 according to the ideas of architect from Pest Lipot Baumhorn. The entire complex was constructed in Secession style. The visitors will be able to hear expert interpretation on history and culture of Jewish community in Novi Sad as well as construction works on Synagogue, the fifth in history of Novi Sad, about the Holocaust- genocide destruction of Jews during the WWII, as well as about the activities of members of Jewish municipality. The plate on the front façade of the temple informs that the Synagogue used to be the collection centre for Jews in  1944 before they were sent to death camps.

Among visitors to the Synagogue there are those who use their time to tour the Jewish cemetery in Doža Đerđa Street.  The Jewish cemetery is a place of special piety and remembrance of Holocaust victims. The remembrance character of the cemetery is emphasised by the monument to victims of the Holocaust as a place where the citizens of Novi Sad can pay homage to their murdered fellow citizens at the International Holocaust remembrance day.

Recommendations: Tour of the Synagogue that encompasses the basic data on tradition, culture and history of Jews from Novi Sad, has to be previously announced to the Jewish municipality Novi Sad. You can get more information at the website of Jewish municipality  Novi Sad.

The Novi Sad heritage is filled with material and non-material contributions to the cultural and social development of the city that was permanently contributed by residents of Jewish nationality. The list ranges from secession opus of Lipot Baumhorn, across to the institutions such as Kora hleba and children kindergarten, Jewish home of culture and Residence for seniors and orphans all the way up to the legacy of renowned individuals among which are Aleksandar Tišma, Danilo Kiš, Jelena Kon, Pavle Pap, Pavle Šosberger and others, whereas the tale of history and culture of Jews from Novi Sad spreads across the whole of Novi Sad. This particular story can be organised by Novi Sad tour agencies at your request .