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Tourism Organization of the City of Novi Sad at a new location

January 11, 2022

The Mayor of the City of Novi Sad, Mr Miloš Vučević, opened a new office of the Tourism Organization of the City of Novi Sad on January 11th this year.

Entering the year of the European Capital of Culture, when numerous cultural and tourist events await our visitors, the City of Novi Sad opened a new Info Centre at the new location, in the City centre, at Liberty Square next to the City Hall.

This new multifunctional space is primarily a reception area (Info Centre) for our tourists and visitors, where they will be offered our latest publications, some of which have been translated into 17 languages. Some of our new and updated publications with which we are entering the year of the European Capital of Culture include:

52 Weekends in Novi Sad,

Novi Sad for Beginners, and

Cultural and Tour Guide.

Also, in the Info Centre there is an interactive wall on which tourists and visitors can write their impressions of Novi Sad. Our new brand and logo that we have designed, but also the campaigns that we will realize this year, are based on the impressions and emotions of our visitors and on what our city already has and what is recognizable not only to our guests but also to our fellow citizens.

In the extension of the Info Centre, there is a conference hall, where it is planned to hold press conferences for numerous and important events in our city in this area. The conference hall is technically equipped and can host professional lectures, promotions of tourist facilities and numerous other professional and business meetings.

The new space is at three levels, with the Info Centre and conference hall located at the ground floor, and the development and promotional sector of TONS located at the remaining two floors.


See you in the new Info Centre. Welcome!