Fruška Gora National Park

Back in 1949, Fruška Gora was declared a National Recreation Area in order to improve the complex as an excursion and resort area. In 1960, by a special law, the Assembly of the SR of Serbia granted it a higher level of protection and declared Fruška Gora the first national park in the country. According to the Law on National Parks from 2015, the area of ​​Fruška Gora NP is 26,672 hectares. The first level protection regime covers an area of ​​933 hectares and includes 32 localities. There are 17,744 hectares under the protection regime of the second degree, and 7,995 hectares under the third degree.

The national park is managed by the Public Company Fruška Gora National Park, and its main activities are: promotion and protection of natural values, cultural assets and other landmarks; forest management; protection, cultivation, improvement and use of hunting and fishing fauna; organizing research in the field of protection and development of the national park; presentation and popularization of the national park and its natural values ​​and cultural assets; design, construction and maintenance of facilities that serve the purpose of protection, improvement and presentation of the natural and cultural assets of the national park, as well as planning and development of eco-tourism. The seat of PC Fruška Gora NP is in Sremska Kamenica, and the Information Center of Fruška Gora NP is located at the crossroads on Iriški Venac.

Source: Lexicon of Fruška Gora National Parks

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