Mountain Lodges and Mountaineering Associations

Hiking is extremely important for physical and mental health and fitness. Organized hiking on Fruška Gora has a long tradition among residents of Novi Sad. Mountaineers have marked a large number of trails of different lengths and difficulty with different colors. Marked trails usually start from well-known Fruška Gora recreational areas (Stražilovo, Paragovo, Popovica, Iriški Venac, etc.). There are beautiful landscapes of deciduous forests and meadows, viewpoints, streams, lakes along the hiking trails, and in addition to the rich flora and fauna, there are also monasteries and monuments of the NLS. The tracks of the Fruška Gora and Bukovac marathons are especially recognizable.

The National Park Service has also marked some educational and recreational trails with information boards.The best and safest way to get to know Fručka Gora on foot is to join organized hiking groups and become a member of them, such as MSA Poštar, MSA Železničar, MA Naftaš, MA Fruška Gora, MA Vilina Vodica MA Alma Mons Adventures.

The walks are organized according to different levels of difficulty, so they are accessible not only to experienced mountaineers but also to beginners. Hikes for parents with children are also available. Mountaineering guides will help you in the best way to prepare for getting to know Fruška Gora.

Another option is for guests to go hiking through an arrangement in the travel agency’s program. Tours and excursions including hiking are organized by the tourist agency Elnos Tours. Contact: ELNOS TOURS, Maksima Gorkog 10, Tel: +381 (0)21 528 244,,

Mountain Lodge Železničar - Popovica

It is located at Popovica (Fruška Gora), at the penultimate bus stop Novi Sad - Popovica (No. 74). It is owned by Mountaineering Sports Association “Železničar” from Novi Sad.
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Mountain Lodge Crveni Čot - Popovica

The Mountain Lodge Crveni Čot is located at Fruška Gora, at the Popovica picnic site. It can be reached by bus Novi Sad - Popovica (74), from the last bus stop.
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Mountain Lodge "Pod Glavicom" of the Mountaineering Association “Zanatlija“

The Mountain Lodge "Zanatlija" is located in the north-eastern part of Fruška Gora, below the Glavica mountain peak. The lodge can be reached by a marathon track from the turnpike of the Novi Sad - Paragovo bus line.

Mountain Lodge “Stražilovo“

Mountain Lodge Stražilovo is located in the north-eastern part of Fruška Gora and it stands lonely in a beautiful Stražilovo forest, five kilometres away from Sremski Karlovci and 12 kilometres away from Novi Sad.
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