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July 2020

Štrand Summer Fest

July 1 - August 31

Štrand Summer Fest is a summer festival accommodated at the most beautiful beach on the Danube – Štrand. Throughout the entire summer, the visitors of the beach are offered the whole spectrum of attractive programmes that all generations can enjoy in: selection of a housewife of the week, young Novi Sad bands, exhibitions of photographs and children’s works, bathing costumes fashion shows, selection of the most beautiful couple, talks with the oldest visitors of Štrand, lessons in dancing, chess, bridge,…

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Summer in the Gallery square

July 2 - August 27

The Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection and Matica Srpska Gallery and since 2018 together with Rajko Mamuzić Memorial Collection organise the event called Summer in the Gallery Square the concept of which is based on the intention to show to the audience during the summer months diverse educational culture related contents in addition to the main museum activities. Along with travelogue stories, music, dancing and the opportunity to meet together in a joint garden the visitors will be offered attractive topics…

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Nature Walks 7/3

July 19

Recreational mountaineering attraction that is popularly called “Nature Walks” was held for the first time on November 14th, 1982. Since then it has been organised every Sunday, and since recently on Wednesdays as well. The picnics are with certain concept (visits to monasteries, museums, mountaineers’ centres, sports-recreational competitions and appropriate entertaining programmes). The walks do not require any previous formalities or preparations except for good will to spend a day being involved in the activities in nature. At the very…

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Vojvodina Guitar Festival – Kisač

July 24 - July 25

Vojvodina Guitar Festival– Kisač is the event designed with the aim to revive after 40 years the first official guitar festival in Vojvodina that was held in 1974 and 1975. The aim of this event is to create a new cultural content in the territory of the City of Novi Sad, in Kisač, which will contribute to the development of multiculturalism and tolerance, promote rock music and affirm young rock bands to present their work to a wider audience. Wishing…

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Nature Walks 7/4

July 26

Recreational mountaineering attraction that is popularly called “Nature Walks” was held for the first time on November 14th, 1982. Since then it has been organised every Sunday, and since recently on Wednesdays as well. The picnics are with certain concept (visits to monasteries, museums, mountaineers’ centres, sports-recreational competitions and appropriate entertaining programmes). The walks do not require any previous formalities or preparations except for good will to spend a day being involved in the activities in nature. At the very…

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August 2020

Blockstock Festival

August 8

Blockstock Festival was established in 1998 and held in the Park at the Railway station. During two decades long existence it has hosted numerous great names of national and regional rock and punk scene, such as Ritam Nereda, Partibrejkers, YU group, Brkovi and many others. A part of the city bordered with Boulevard of Jaša Tomić, Boulevard of Liberation, and Boulevard of King Petar I known to older fellow-citizens as Banatić, and to younger ones as Blok (Block), has always…

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August 13 - August 15

The event promotes wine culture and wine products from the territory of Serbia and Vojvodina, as well as of Novi Sad as a narrower wine growing region. More than 100 wine producers from around ten countries participate at this Festival. In addition to wine exhibiting and tasting, professional lectures and promotions in the field of wine production, educational lectures for visitors, as well as cultural-entertaining programme are also organised. Venue: Liberty Square The programme can be found on the organiser's website: www.interfest.interfest.org.rs

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Exit festival 2.0

August 13 - August 16

Exit is a multiple award-winning international summer music festival. It is held in Novi Sad every year at the Petrovaradin Fortress. Many consider it one of the best festival sites on the planet and it gathers more than 1000 performers at more than 40 stages and music zones. Having arisen as a students’ movement during the year 2000, EXIT is still the only festival in the world that is the result of the desire for progress and striving towards freedom.…

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Novi Sad–Tango city

August 13 - August 16

An international festival Novi Sad – Tango city is organized by Todo Tango association, in August every year. It consists of a concert, scientific lectures, tango seminars, dance evenings and open-air dance party. This is the event organized not only for tango musicians and dancers, but for everybody who is interested in tango music and dance, as well as Argentinian culture. Popularity of tango culture in Europe and around the world has created new type of tourism, called Tango tourism.…

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Tamburica fest

August 21 - August 23

International tamburica festival – Tamburica Fest is held at Novi Sad old city core. Tamburica Fest is the event with a unique concept and cultural mission of affirming tamburica music and tamburica as an instrument, but also of cherishing tradition, co-operation and friendship between artists at an international level. The peculiarity of the Festival is the promenade of tamburica orchestras along the city centre streets and its core is the competition of orchestras from the country and from abroad, as…

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Sterija’s theatre festival

August 26 - September 3

As a permanent festival of national drama script of competition character, Sterija’s Theatre Festival was established in 1956 within the celebration of the 150th anniversary of birth and 100th anniversary of death of the great Serbian comediographer Jovan Popović Sterija. The Festival is open to professional theatres and groups from the country and abroad with plays based on the texts of Serbian authors, as well as to national theatres with plays based on the scripts of foreign authors. Venue: Serbian National Theatre www.pozorje.org.rs

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Festival of Street Musicians – “Gradić fest”

August 28 - August 29

Festival of Street Musicians is the event that gathers artists from all over the world, both professionals and self-taught ones. It is held in Novi Sad every year during the first week of September and it is the only festival of this type in Serbia. The Festival gathers mainly musicians, but there are also dancers, theatre groups, performers, and acrobats and it represents a large outdoor artistic workshop where artists and audience participate equally. The programmes within the Festival of…

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September 2020

Food Planet

September 3 - September 30

Food Planet is the Festival of national cuisines where one foreign embassy presents itself every day with dishes typical for their country. During 30 days the citizens of Novi Sad and guests of the capital of Vojvodina will have the opportunity to taste specialities of 30 different national cuisines, get to know the cultural heritage of these countries and enjoy in their traditional and contemporary music. Venue: Liberty Square The programme can be found on the organiser's website: www.foodplanet.rs

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Festival “Tastes of Vojvodina”

September 12 - September 13

The Festival "Tastes of Vojvodina" is a multi-layered event that presents small producers of food and beverages from all over Vojvodina, as well as restaurants where traditional Vojvodina cuisine is cherished. The idea of the Festival was born out of the need to present to the fans of good taste the rich heritage of various influences that made the Vojvodina cuisine so diverse and special. Since ancient times the roads of the East and the West have crossed over in…

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Night challenge at Fruška gora

September 12

This sports-recreational event takes place on three trails: Fan Trail (4,100 meters), Hobby Trail (10,144 meters) and Sports Trail (18,863 meters) and it is intended equally to mountaineers, runners, mountain bikers, and nature lovers and lovers of Fruška Gora. It starts at 08 p.m. at Popovica, and the trails are limited to 5 hours, so that even the slowest participants can easily complete the selected trail. Three first-ranked runners and mountain bikers from the Sports Trail in the absolute category,…

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International agricultural fair

September 19 - September 25

The International Agricultural Fair is the largest fair event in Serbia and one of the largest in Europe in the field of agriculture. It gathers the most significant companies in agro industry, agricultural production, machinery, and the best in animal farming. It is an unavoidable place for agricultural producers and professional audience to which agriculture makes the focus of interest. It has become a trademark of the Novi Sad Fair, the oldest fair company in Serbia, as well as of…

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Mountaineering marathon at Fruška Gora

September 19 - September 20

Mountaineering Marathon at Fruška Gora is a sports competition-recreational event of international character. It is one of the oldest marathons of this type in Europe that has been held continuously for more than four decades without interruptions. Marathon includes 19 trails of different length and altitude differences. They are all routed in a hilly, forest area of Fruška Gora (97% of forest and 3% of urban area) that is located at the distance of only 10 kilometres from Novi Sad.…

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International Bean Festival

September 20

The International Bean Festival is an international competition in bean cooking in traditional way. In addition to the competition, the visitors can enjoy in irresistible tastes of various bean dishes, as well as in other specialties of Vojvodina cuisine such as hot "čvarci" (pork cracklings), perkelt, donuts, strudel, pies and other sweet and salty dishes prepared in the magic ambience of the cult Vojvodina "salaš" farmstead. The "Salaš Market", as the accompanying part of the Festival, offers the possibility of…

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Film Festival “Seize this day with me!”

September 21 - September 27

The Film Festival “Seize this day with me!” is of international character and it includes presenting of films on the topic of disabilities, as well as the accompanying programmes: film workshops, tribunes/discussions with film authors and actors, seminars for journalists and students of journalism, exhibitions, performances, etc. The competition for films that is organised every spring affirms the original approach to disability, potentials of persons with disabilities, film creative work about persons with disabilities and persons with disabilities themselves. During…

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Researchers’ Night

September 25

The Researchers’ Night is the largest and most entertaining promotion of science and scientists in the world. The Researchers’ Night was organised for the first time at the European level in 2005 within the FP6 Programme titled "Researchers in Europe 2005". The initiative consists of one-day event that happens simultaneously in 32 countries in Europe in more than 200 cities. The project offers to public the activities of educational-entertaining character that enable the visitors to complete their knowledge on researchers…

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Grand Prix of Novi Sad

September 26 - September 27

"Grand Prix of Novi Sad" Automobile Race is entered in the calendar of the Sports Car and Carting Association of Serbia and proclaimed the event of significance for the City of Novi Sad. The competition is open to drivers from Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is held in six classes: Class 1 – up to 1,150 cc N, Class 2 – up to 1,150 cc YUGO 55, Class 3 – from 1,151 cc to 1,400 cc group…

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October 2020

International “LORIST” Fairs

October 7 - October 11

The International "LORIST" fairs gather important representatives, importers and brands of the basic and accompanying equipment for sports hunting and fishing, outdoor activities, sports and recreation. For years back this fair event has been placed among the most significant in this part of Europe in the fields in covers while segments dedicated to horticulture, ecology and environmental protection contribute to the abundance of experiences of both participants and visitors from the country and the region. Venue: Novi Sad Fair The programme…

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October 7 - October 11

Preservation of the environment and return to nature make the main common denominators of the exhibitors at the Fair of Ecology. This event is a unique opportunity to show at one place the up-to-date technologies, ecological standards and innovations that will improve the relationship towards the environment. The event is complemented by numerous educational workshops and lectures and it is also the place where it is possible to get useful information about seeding, growing and maintaining of greenery and flowers.…

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International Fair of Tourism

October 8 - October 10

International Fair of Tourism, with the exhibition part, rich professional programme, as well as entertainment activities designated to a wider audience, makes an important marketing tool for comprehensive presentation of tourist destinations and services. Tourist organisations of cities and municipalities take participate actively at the Fair as event organisers. Venue: Novi Sad Fair The programme can be found on the organiser's website: www.sajam.net

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October 9 - October 10

The Sports Expo hosts both outdoor and indoor sports competitions. Sports competitions and demonstration of sports skills imply and integrate also the educational segments designated to both recreational and professional athletes. This fair also hosts the international equestrian competition (horse jumping competitions and carriage driving races). Venue: Novi Sad Fair The programme can be found on the organiser's website: www.sajam.net

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Novi Sad Marathon

October 11

Novi Sad Marathon implies the race that is 42.195 kilometres long. The participants run along an urban part of Novi Sad and the bank of the river Danube and they are divided in three categories: men, women and relay race. The track is of circular shape so that the start and finish are at the Liberty Square. In addition to the main race, there are also the accompanying races in the following categories: relay marathon race, school cross that is…

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Novi Sad half marathon

October 11

The international half marathon is a traditional circular race on a flat track that is 21.0975 kilometres long. The track is free of traffic and passes through an urban part of the city and along the Danube bank. Venue: Start and finish at the Liberty Square The programme can be found on the organiser's website: www.marathon.org.rs 

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Tesla Fest

October 12 - October 15

Tesla Fest affirms innovations, inventions and intellectual property. It is licensed by the World Organisation for Intellectual Property the esteem recognitions of which are awarded for most successful innovation, women inventors and young inventors. Every year more than 500 individual inventors, young talents, students, entrepreneurs, schools, faculties, institutes and companies from the country and from abroad exhibit their inventions, innovations, new products, technologies and projects within the Festival. International Conference on Intellectual Property is also organised at Tesla Fest. Venue: SPENS…

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Serbia Fashion Week

October 21 - October 25

Serbia Fashion Week is held twice a year, in April and November, and it lasts for 7 days with participation of famous world and national fashion designers and applied artists. It comprises several segments: international fashion, national fashion, educational conferences, exhibition displays of famous foreign and national artists in the field of applied art, architecture, interior decoration, exterior decoration, new forms of multimedia art, concerts of music and retrospective events, with awarding of prizes to foreign and national participants. In…

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Novi Sad Octoberfest

October 30 - October 31

Novi Sad Octoberfest gathers most important breweries from Serbia and the region, as well as a large number of musicians. This event is organised in the honour of beer, pretzels, sausages, good music and excellent mood. It is held in the Master Hall of the Novi Sad Fair and lasts for two days. Venue: Novi Sad Fair The programme can be found on the organiser's website: www.facebook.com/ns.oktoberfest

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November 2020

Open Fruška Gora Championship in Mountain Running

November 1

On the first weekend in November a non-competition race at Fruška Gora or Open Fruška Gora Championship in Mountain Running is traditionally held. On that occasion everyone is invited to come and spend a nice day in unreal autumn environment of Fruška Gora, to run along an interesting trail and enjoy in fine, warm and deserved doughnuts and hot tea after the race. Venue: Fruška Gora – Stražilovo The programme can be found on the organiser's website: http://arkfruskagora.org.rs

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Museums for 10

November 9 - November 15

On the occasion of the event titled “Museums for 10” the museum institutions in Serbia and in Novi Sad mark several important dates through their joint presentations – International Museums Day and European Night, National Museum Week of Museums. Venue: Museum of Vojvodina, Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection, Gallery of Matica Srpska, Museum of contemporary art of Vojvodina, City Museum of Novi Sad, Fine Art Gallery – Endowment Collection of Rajko Mamuzić, Gallery of the branch of the Serbian Academy of…

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„Synergy – World Theater Festival“

November 18 - November 28

The Synergy Theatre Festival of Language Minorities of the world is designed to bring together at one place professional theatre artists who create in the communities in which they live, in the languages of national communities to which they belong. It is the opportunity to exchange the most concrete artistic and cultural experiences. One of the festival programmes is a symposium in that field where the interaction between minority language communities and the domicile environment is discussed, as well as…

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Serbian U17 & Youth International Novi Sad

November 19 - November 22

Serbian U17 &Youth International is the largest scale official European Badminton Cup for players aged up to 17 and an open international tournament for younger age categories. The participation of competitors from more than 30 countries of the world is expected. Venue: Slana Bara Hall at Klisa The programme can be found on the organiser's website: www.serbianyouthinternational.com

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Novi Sad Winter Fest

November 23 - December 23

Novi Sad Winter Fest is a winter festival that is held at the main city square. With its diverse programmes it fulfils a holiday atmosphere enjoyed equally by both the Novi Sad residents and their guests. In around twenty booths one can find drinks, food, souvenirs, Christmas tree decorations, and Winter Fest cups for hot drinks. The visitors have the opportunity to ride along the city centre in a "New Year’s fiacre". Music programme starts every evening at 06.00 p.m.…

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MEKST Conference 2020

November 27 - November 29

MEKST conference is held in Novi Sad in November. It is dedicated to discussing the following topics: application of marketing in tourism, new trends in hotel industry, film as a means of promoting tourist destinations and sports tourism. Through education, socialising and entertainment, this congress builds a network of students, who will expand their friendships in the near future and turn it into mutual professional co-operation. Venue: Congress Centre Master of the Novi Sad Fair The programme can be found…

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December 2020

Recycling marathon

December 13

The last marathon of the year is held during the second week of December. It is the marathon for recycling of energy and strength for the forthcoming season, the marathon where organisers recycle the left-overs from the previous races they organised. The marathon is designated to all the racers who do not put the result as their priority. This marathon is a joint training, socialising and also the birthday marathon of the Athletic Recreational Club "Fruška Gora". Photo: Zoran Đukić.…

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