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“Spirit of the Place – The First Century of the District” Exhibition

January 1 - December 31

The multimedia exhibition “Spirit of the Place – The First Century of the District” is a permanent display that dramatizes and thematizes the space of the District over time. Formerly an industrial complex and now the center of contemporary art, the District has undergone an extraordinary journey over the last hundred years, significantly shaping this space. This journey is both an inspiration and the core of the exhibition, which, through artistic and scenic means, using methods of scenic design, attempts to tell the lesser-known story to the audience. Divided into six stages, from the founding of the factory, through World War II and NATO bombing, to the European Capital of Culture, the exhibition, through organization and the construction of space, seeks to, at times quite literally, replicate the turbulence, progress, changes, tragic fates, chaos, hope, and cacophony of an era. Like a reflection in the mirror. Through six thematically, experientially, artistically, and content-wise treated, as well as physically separate rooms dedicated to specific periods, the audience will, through interaction with the rooms, to a greater or lesser extent, have the opportunity to learn something new, to be reminded of the old and forgotten, to directly participate, play and explore, with their senses and body. The specificity of the exhibition lies in the fact that, although it deals with specific time, place, and events, “Spirit of the Place” is not an archival exhibition of artifacts and facts but an exhibition of storytelling and creating new experiences. Its other specificity is the way it builds and questions the artistic work, the room-work. Each of its six rooms is conceived as an installation, and therefore each of them is built as such. Built in a parallel process where space, time, and the event taking place in space and time, as well as the text it relies on, are built simultaneously and are inseparable from each other.

The exhibition is open every day except Monday and Tuesday from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Venue: Creative District

The programme can be found on the organiser’s website: https://kalendar.novisad2022.rs/en


January 1
December 31
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