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Feel the summer vibes – with all your senses!

June 18, 2019

Today is 21st June, the summer solstice! It is the time of the year when the Sun reaches both its highest and northernmost points in the sky. It means that summer has kicked in everywhere in the northern half of the globe! Hurray, it’s finally summertime!


If you happen to find yourself in Novi Sad during next few months, we suggest that you get your senses attuned to the city atmosphere and its urban spaces and carefully listen to what it has to say. You will surely hear it saying that it is the vibrant city of youth , the city of rich culture and the city of open heart and open mind! No wonder the Lonely Planet voted it #3 Best in travel for 2019!


So what’s there to see, hear, taste, touch and smell? Here are our suggestions:



See the sights. Yes, do what all tourists do – go sightseeing. The city centre, the fortress and the whole lenght of the quay are easily walkable so you can see all the old streets, architecture, churches, monumnets and murals on foot. The city offers rich industrial heritage, abandoned tunnels, warehouses, factories and other facilities that were once vital for the city’s economy and development. Some of them have been reconstructed and are being used as cultural stations ahead of 2021 when Novi Sad will proudly take the title of the European Capital of Culture. In the dusk, when your legs are tired from walking and the orange sunset falls among the silhouettes of the buildings in the distance, savour the view over the city from the Fortress, framed by the Fruška Gora silhouettes on one side and the copper roofs of the Suburbium on the other side.



As you walk along the quay and enjoy the view of the Petrovaradin Fortress, spare a thought about its influence and importance, as well as its secrets. This fortification holds a whole world below itself and guides are ready to narrate its most interesting military and historical story. They will take you to the labyrinth of the long underground corridors and you can learn a lot about the construction, significance, events, legends and people that are related to the existence of the fortress. You can find a suitable sightseeing tour for yourself and learn about the city. Alternatively, you can join free walking tours starting daily at 9 am and 5 pm in front of the Serbian National Theatre and let the guides introduce you to the city centre and the fortress. Furthermore, you can listen to a whole variety of music performers during summer months, both local and international. Become part of one of the largest party scenes in Europe during EXIT festival, and make sure to check other events that are certainly heating up the summer atmosphere in the city!



Have you ever learned about a place or region through its tastes? According to the many, our city boasts the rich diversity of tastes of local and international cuisine, and serves very generous meals! Something that additionally empowers its gastronomic identity is the abundance of traditional recipes that are still used today, both in households and in restaurants. A lot of herbs and spices, unavoidable peppers in almost every meal, and also something sweet to top up the menu. Try ’perkelt’ (stew) or ’kitnikez’ at some of the countryside farmhouses, ’gomboc’ (dumplings with plums inside) or pancakes with a homemade jam in the restaurant garden in one of the alleyways in the city center. As the Romans said, “if you want to meet a nation, sit at their table, eat their food, drink their wine.” And so you should do it. The top quality wine of the Fruška Gora vineyards is always welcome for the toast. Živeli!



The city holds several green oases in which you can relax during nice days. “Danube Park”, “Kamenički Park” and “Futoški Park” each with its values ​​represent an environment in which both locals and visitors are happy to spend time. Touch the grass with whole body stretched on the ground, gaze at the sun, relax on your picnic blanket with coffee and easy chatter. And, of course, unselfishly share popcorn with the feathered, winged friends that live in the parks. You can also walk to the city beach Štrand and try to touch the hot sand and swim in the fast flowing Danube. Dare to make a sand castle?



Do not rush, slow down, and let the streets absorb you. Wander aimlessly, admire the old facades, new facades, old buildings, new buildings, peek into alleyways, observe the passers-by, feel the smell of city bakeries and the old handcraft shops. Walk along Zmaj Jovina street and smell the linden trees when they blossom in June. Choose a garden of a fish restaurant, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the blend of the Danube smell with the smell of freshly boiled fish soup. Smell the air before summer rain, the earth and thick vegetation of Fruška Gora, or the rural ambient of the farmhouses that are just within a stone’s throw from Novi Sad.