Diversity, comfort & magic

After a lot of enjoyment, easy walk, and relaxation Novi Sad will return with its magic of diversity. The city radiates multiculturalism, rich gastronomy, festival energy and visible heritage at each step. The citizens of Novi Sad who have preserved a flatland tranquillity and natural kindness even in the age of fast communication are the elements that make it nice and noble. This is only a small piece of reasons due to which the leading world guidebook and magazine “Lonely Planet”recommends you not to miss visiting it this year and enjoy in its charms.

This year, in 2019, Novi Sad holds a prestigious title of the European Youth Capital thanks to its youth optimism, festival energy, and attitude to others. The month of July traditionally gathers tourists longing for the festival type of good time, when young people from than 60 countries from all over the world head towards Novi Sad to a multiple award winning music festival EXIT. Throughout the entire summer numerous festivals held outdoor make Novi Sad breathing in the spirit of the young.

Novi Sad will welcome the year of 2021 as the European Capital of Culture thanks to its rich cultural heritage, preserved history visible at each step, multiculturalism, multiethnicity, Fruška Gora known also as the Serbian Holly Mountain that hides 16 Orthodox monasteries, but also thanks to the nearby Sremski Karlovci where Karlovci Peace Treaty was signed. Novi Sad is the first city that was declared cultural capital of Europe in the country that is currently not within the European Union.

Creativity and inspiration of the young people, preserving of tradition and cultural heritage, EXIT and may other festivals, Zmaj Jovina and Dunavska (Danube) Street, parks, cultural institutions, the Danube, Fruška Gora, “salaš” farmsteads, “čarda” taverns, wineries and monasteries are only some of the reasons why you should definitely visit Novi Sad as soon as possible. Hence, start off, do not hesitate because an elegant and relaxed city is waiting for you!

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