“Štrand” bathing resort

Štrand is the most popular city beach that was arranged and opened for visitors in 1911 already. Nowadays it is the entire small town that stretches along 700 m long sandy beach. For the citizen of Novi Sad it is matter of prestige to have a small booth at Štrand and use the summer for socialising and good time with their friends. Štrand is a favourite place among the youngest for who have sufficient entertaining facilities. One of the most beautiful beaches on the Danube is equipped with all infrastructure necessary for a pleasant and contentually rich stay of all the visitors. This includes the catering services, and playgrounds for children and different sports such as beach volley or head tennis for which they say was invented at this beach. In summer Štrand is one of the liveliest places in Novi Sad where sports competitions, concerts and festivals are held. Some of the most important include TID Regatta, The Danube Day, Novi Sad Folklore Festival, etc.