Novi Sad has a long tradition of baking industry and currently there is truly a diverse offer of this type of facilities. Some have been operating for a number of years already while some have been recently opened. The citizens can buy the most diverse types of fresh pastry there, along with sandwiches, “burek”, while pastry made of integral flour, various meal salads and other healthily treats are becoming more and more popular. Some bakeries are originally the Novi Sad ones while there are also those that belong to larger bakery chains.


“Bread & Kifle” is a bakery chain that offers quality and always fresh pastries, bread, cookies and cakes, chrono products and healthy beverages. In Novi Sad, they are located at three sites and are distinguished by their originally decorated facilities...
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Pekara Klas 021

This is a small bakery located at Trg Mladenaca number 6. It is nicely decorated with standard food that every bakery has. However, “pizza piece” distinguishes it from others since you can buy it here at a favourable price. The...
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“Krosti” Bakery has offered its products to the citizens of Novi Sad since 1988, and today it has its facilities at three sites in the city. In addition to bakery products, these restaurants also operate as self-service restaurants. Their bakeries...
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With the traditional offer of pastries and some of their own products, they have managed to become very popular among the citizens of Novi Sad. They offer a large selection of food, and the scents of freshly baked bread spread...
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Skroz dobra pekara

This is a bakery chain that opened three facilities in Novi Sad and for a short time won a highly positioned place among the favourite bakeries of our fellow citizens. The facilities are spacious, modernly equipped, the staff is helpful...
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Bakery “Žeki” is located at several sites in the city, of which the facility at Spens is the largest and modernly renovated. They offer a wide selection of classic pastries. The products that the citizens of Novi Sad like the...
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