“Krosti” Bakery has offered its products to the citizens of Novi Sad since 1988, and today it has its facilities at three sites in the city. In addition to bakery products, these restaurants also operate as self-service restaurants. Their bakeries are most often crowded because they always have fresh pastries, and they are characterized by pleasantly, not too modernly, decorated buildings. They offer: bread, pastries, croissants, great “bureks” of various types, pizzas, sandwiches of various sizes and types, baklavas according to the original Turkish recipe, donuts according to Viennese recipe, homemade cakes and cookies, Greek pastries …


Trg mladenaca 4-6, Fruškogorska 22, Bulevar Slobodana Jovanovića 13, Milenka Grčića 6

Phone: +381 63 462 174



Trg Mladenaca 4-6, Fruškogorska 22