With the traditional offer of pastries and some of their own products, they have managed to become very popular among the citizens of Novi Sad. They offer a large selection of food, and the scents of freshly baked bread spread across the street of Laze Telečkog, where this bakery is located at number nine. The bakery arrangement reminds us of “the good old times” and the long tradition of bakery crafts in these parts. In their cabinets there is a large selection of traditional pastries, pies, sandwiches. The product “Our pretzel” stands out in particular since with its taste and aroma it takes us back to some long bygone times,  and you can choose from regular or those coated with garlic and pepper. Since recently they also offer delicious meal salads.

Laze Telečkog 9
Phone: +381 21 427 788


Laze Telečkog 9