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5 things to know about Fruška Gora

October 28, 2019

Novi Sad is surely the city that can offer you some memorable experiences. It is almost certain that during your stay you will visit the Petrovaradin fortress and enjoy a leisurely stroll around this historical site, as well as savour the amazing vistas from up there. What appears in your sight whilst standing at the plateau in front of the Clock tower is the wide, bendy flow of the Danube, the dynamic cityscape, the copper roofs of Petrovaradin Suburbium and – looking Eastwards – the long stretch of Fruška Gora mountain. This is the place that you definitely not want to miss whilst visiting Novi Sad!



Let us highlight several facts that you should know about Fruška Gora:


1. It is a paradise for nature lovers

First and foremost, it is a national park, the oldest in Serbia (established in 1960). There is an abundance of unique landscapes, valuable geological and geo-morphological areas, rare plant and animal species, and forest complexes. It is claimed that the largest section of the linden forest in Europe is just here, so come and smell the forest air and it blossoms! Also, come and see the deer, it has been introduced and Fruška Gora now boasts some 200 individuals that call this mountain home.



2. It is a wellness destination

There are numerous bodies of water, waterfalls and mineral water and thermal springs scattered across the mountain. The spa complex of Vrdnik (Hotel Premier Aqua in particular) is the cutting-edge five-star tourism resort, so if you fancy a nice wellness treatment, activity holiday or simply staying in the mountainous and rural ambiance away from the urban buzz, this may be a fine choice for you.



3. It is a haven for wine lovers

History says the Roman emperor Caesar Marcus Aurelius Probus Augustus that was born and died in present day Sremska Mitrovica (what was then Sirmium, one of the four Roman capital cities) brought the first vine plant from South Italy and planted it on Fruška Gora slopes. Since then, the mountain has been a very famous wine region covered in vineyards, boasting numerous traditional wine cellars and wine shops. To try the best and tastiest wines, make a trip to Sremski Karlovci and have a nice wine tasting tour.



4. It has a cultural and historical significance

For another unique cultural experience, take a tour of the Orthodox monasteries. There are 16 of them, and for this reason, Fruška Gora is called Serbian Athos (The Holy Mountain). According to historical data, most of them were constructed in the late middle ages while the Serbs fleeing north from the Ottoman incursion. In the course of centuries of their existence, these medieval jewels sustained the spiritual and political life of the Serbian nation.



5. It is a place for relaxation and recreation

Fruška Gora is a good ground for recreational activities and picnicking. Some of the most famous picnic sites include Stražilovo, Glavica, Popovica, Iriški Venac, TV Tower, Zmajevac, Brankovac, Andrevlje, Osovlje, Ležimir, Letenka and Testera. You can reach them by either driving or walking between them, on the roads or through the forest. The mountain has over 400 km of marked hiking trails, so be sure to visit the website of one of the mountaineering clubs for more information if you pursue a hiking endevour.