Clock Tower

The Upper Town is dominated by the CLOCK TOWER, the most recognisable symbol of Petrovaradin Fortress and Novi Sad. It was built at the site of an older one that was demolished by the middle of the 18th century. The size of the clock reaches more than two meters in diameter. The clock face is set in all four cardinal directions and hours are written in Roman numbers. The peculiarity of the clock is the fact that its large hand shows hours and small one shows minutes. The reason for that was to make the time visible at the largest possible distance. The clock mechanism is wound manually every day. In the past, the residents were paying tax – “clock toll” for the use of this clock. Due to the impact of temperature on the clock mechanism and the fact that it is running either slow or fast the residents named it a “Drunken Clock“. The weather vane and a compass, which has a heart instead of a spear on a mast, are located at the top of the Tower.