Protected nature and picnic sites

National Park “Fruška Gora” is the oldest national park in Serbia that was established in 1960. At the surface of around 25,000 hectares covered by the National Park “Fruška Gora” there are protected unique landscapes, valuable geological and geo-morphological units, rare plant and animal species, and forest complexes.

The nature wealth: plant and animal wildlife, landscapes, thermal springs – spas and lakes are the basis for tourism of special interests (walking, cyclotourism, bird watching, fishing, hunting) as well as for recreational and picnic programmes, schools in nature, nautical, health-spa/wellness tourism. Some of the most famous picnic sites include Stražilovo, Glavica, Popovica, Iriški Venac, TV Tower, Zmajevac, Brankovac, Andrevlje, Osovlje, Ležimir, Letenka and Testera.

You can find a lot of additional information about the National Park “Fruška Gora”, as well as about other protected nature areas on the web site of the Provincial Institute for Nature Protection