Miljević Winery

Miljević Winery (Vinarija Miljević) is located in Stari Ledinci, in the area where the territory of the National Park “Fruška Gora” begins. The vineyard of this winery is located in Vrdnik, and the first vineyards were erected in 2007. The grape assortment [1] consists of Mirisni Traminac, Red Burgundy and Muscat Hamburg. The wines of the house are Mirisni Traminac Miljević, Red Burgundy Miljević and Rose Miljević.

The Miljevićis, like many winemakers, are people of special talents. You understand that as soon as you step on their property, tucked in the valley of Tavni potok just as the entire settlement. The entrance into the hall, which at first resembles to a spacious living room of an artist, is separated by glass from the light and greenery that arrives fresh and fragrant from the surrounding hills. The fire in the fireplace, spacious white wood tables and paintings by our famous painters, including Janoš Mesaroš, Sandor Schleif and others, suggest a warm and exciting experience. Behind the wide doors there is a spacious wine cellar arranged for wine tasting and shopping. The wine tasting is preceded by a welcome with a glass of homemade fruit brandies, which are also offered by the Miljević Winery .

Mister Miljević turned his life experience into a creative motto that work must be love and enjoyment, which he gets back in multiple layers by giving to others. This was most deeply understood by painters who traditionally spend time within the regular painting colonies with the Miljević family. They were followed by foreigners who use the airbnb platform to search for facilities that offer accommodation, homemade wine, healthy food and equal environment suitable for active vacation programmes. Many Novi Sad residents know this place because of a surprise lunch and a weekend of healthy air or because of vegetarian understanding of gastronomy, since while you are sitting in the yard and tasting wine with vegetarian hummus spreads the spice herbs in them, such as shallot, basil, sremush, chicory, etc. grow around the tables you sit at.

The family business, summarized in the name Miljević Winery, includes not only wine production and its tasting, food offer, and accommodation but also the organization of your stay connected with the collection of medicinal herbs, school of medicinal herbs, riding school, walks along Fruška Gora to many lookouts in the immediate vicinity, the hermitage of the Rakovac monastery, Perina pećina (Pera’s Cave), the lake on Popovica, Orlovo bojište and other sites. Lovers of wine, natural beauties and historical mysteries related to the nearby Savinac Monastery can stay longer in the Miljević household, and then, refreshed with wine, embark on an interesting adventure exploring the surrounding attractions.

Works during the summer period of the year, from April 1st to October 31st. Announcement is mandatory.
Sime Šolaje Street 41, Stari Ledinci
Phone: +381 (0)63 718 8546

Text: Gordana Stojaković
Photographs: Aleksandar Milutinović
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The text posted in: May 2021

[1] The transcription of the grape variety given according to: Cindrić, Petar and Vladimir Kovač (2007) “Vinogradarstvo i vina“ (“Viticulture and Wines“) Fruška Gora. ed. Nebojša Jovanović and Jelica Nedić. Pg. 498. Beograd: Zavod za udžbenike.


Sime Šolaje 41, Stari Ledinci