Roman-catholic church of the Saint Juraj

Roman-catholic church of the Saint Juraj with a convent was built in baroque style between 1701 and 1714, and a residency of the convent in 1734. On the façade of the church is a statue of the founder of the Society of Jesus, Saint Ignatius. In the basement, there is a crypt where the representatives of the nobles were buried after they got killed in battles against the Turks from 1696 to 1716. The oldest epitaph on the tombstone is inside the church, and is dedicated to the baron Heinrich Nehem, a general and a commander who served at the Petrovaradin fortress, where he died in 1713. That epitaph says that the God granted him with eternal home in heaven for his virtues. In the roman-catholic church of the Saint Juraj are also the tablets which say that the tsar Franc Joseph (1830-1916) visited the fortress and the regent Aleksandar Karadjordjevic (1888-1934) did the same in 1919.

You can visit the Church during the Sunday service at 05.00 p.m. while group visits have to be announced on the phone +381 21 643 32 58; +381 64 0039 391.