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New Year’s Eve celebration

December 31, 2019 - January 1, 2020

Being unique after many things, and almost as no other city in the world, Novi Sad celebrates a New Year on two dates – December 31st and January 13th. Thanks to its position, between the East and West, it has been the place where many nations used to come to, stayed in it and intertwined their customs and culture with it. Living in concord and harmony people have shared their customs one with another, they visited each other and celebrated together two Christmases, two New Years, Saint Nicholas and Saint “, went to both the mass and liturgy…

That is why the holiday atmosphere is even bigger and merrier here, twice more than at any other place in the world. In honour of those who live in it, but also those who come to visit it for a short time, Novi Sad “dresses up” in its New Year’s clothes by the beginning of December and takes us in a chariots through winter fantasy along decorated streets, from “Novi sad Winter Fest” to “Icy Forest”. In a festive ambience of the Novi Sad Synagogue with the sounds brought by the “Christmas-New Year’s Concerts” it introduces us gradually into the “wildest night”.

And on that night magic is everywhere, in every street, at every square, every passage… “Čarda” taverns on the Danube are heated by the strings of tamburitzas, dreaming “salaš” farmsteads are waking up with Bermet, Frankovka and Ausbruch, while the streets of the city are filled with a river of people in a good mood from the very morning. New Year is first celebrated by the youngest, with numerous programmes for children in magical “Icy Forest”. The atmosphere is heated up by day parties in cafes and bars. Rich tables in restaurants indulge everyone’s taste and fill with them with energy for what is to come. At two central city squares, the Liberty Square and Square of the Republic, the best party in the city is created together by excellent musicians and tens of thousands of people taken by good vibrations.

Glorious fireworks at midnight seals the Novi Sad New Year’s fairy tale and celebration continues in the cultural station Svilara, clubs, bars and restaurants until the morning hours. And tomorrow everything repeats again!

Another celebration comes a few days later! Orthodox New Year is celebrated in the night between January 13th and 14th. New Year’s Eve celebration is organised at many cultural venues in the city where cultural, administrative, business and educational buildings are located together with hospitality industry facilities. The performers of most diverse genres perform at completely unexpected places. And all that happens – in Novi Sad! Get ready and expect the unexpected! We are ready for you!


December 31
January 1, 2020
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