Limanski (Liman) Park

Limanski Park is a city park conceived in a modern manner that fully suits the needs of the inhabitants of new city districts that descend towards the Danube. The central promenade, children playgrounds, skate park and space for dogs are integrated within the massive examples of greenery as well as groups of high and low deciduous trees which provide a puzzle like outlook of the park making it an ideal place to rest, relax or indulge in leisure activities.

If you happen to visit our city during the summer half of the year we strongly recommend you to visit the best arranged Novi Sad beach Štrand that is located in the immediate vicinity of Limanski Park. During the summer months Štrand becomes one of the most vivid areas in Novi Sad and home to various concerts, festivals, sport competitions and other attractive events.

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Limanski Park, Bulevar despota Stefana, Novi Sad, Serbia