Kamenički (Kamenica) park

Kamenički Park is the biggest and the oldest park of Novi Sad. It has spawned around the Marczibányi Karáscony Castle whose contemporary outlook dates back to 1836. The park is dominated by forests among which are the most present domestic types of linden tree, oak and maple, as well as some rare examples of black and white pine.

The park is specific by the fact that it houses some very interesting sculptures among which is Pet glava (Five Heads), namely five figures the meaning of which is still being a thing of ongoing debate. KFor many citizens of Novi Sad Kamenički Park is still the synonym for the Labour Day celebration.

A very popular picnic area Popovica is located in the vicinity of Sremska Kamenica. The area is renowned for its mountain homes, as well as a start/finish point of Fruška Gora marathon. The above-mentioned marathon is an event of international importance that gathers several thousands of nature and hiking enthusiasts during the month of April.


Kamenički Vis, Kamenica, Serbia