Futoški park

Futoški Park positioned in the wider city centre represents a green garden of Novi Sad that has somehow managed to remain hidden in between two noisy streets: Hajduk Veljkova and Futoška Street. Futoški Park is almost cryptographically separated from its noise packed surrounding thanks to its floristic, dendro flora and trees that grow in the park. The construction of Novi Sad’s Jodna banja (Iodine Spa) is connected with the beginning of the works on arrangement of the park.

Imre Francek, an architect from Budapest, was hired to design the lacy secession style building of Varoško jodno kupatilo (City Iodine Bath) in 1910. The park with a design inherent to that of similar European parks from the beginning of the 20th century was constructed around the attractive secessionist form that manages to capture the visitors’ attention even today. The name of the renowned Hungarian landscape architect is most frequently connected with the story on origins of Futoški Park.

Info: Hotel Park as one of the most renowned tourist-catering facility of Novi Sad is located at the edge of Futoški Park. The above-mentioned hotel was constructed in 1931 according to the design of renowned architect Đorđe Tabaković, with it still remaining to be the provider of high-quality services to the tourists, as well as at the disposal of visitors of Futoški Park to enjoy themselves in umbrageous restaurant terraces.

Info: www.hotelparkns.com


Futoski Park, Novi Sad, Serbia