Orthodox New Year’s Eve celebration


Orthodox New Year’s Eve celebration will be organised at more than 21 cult venues amongst which are cultural, administrative, office and educational buildings, as well as restaurants. The performers of most diverse genres will perform at unexpected sites. The bridges connecting conceptually different performers, genres and regions will present the traditional music of a true virtuoso Slobodan Trkulja and the “Imar” band from Scotland at “Pera Dobrinović” stage of the Serbian National Theatre, spiritual music will be presented by Divna Ljubović at a theatre stage of NIS (Oil Industry of Serbia), a recognisable hard core sound of “Laibach” will be heard at “Jovan Đorđević” stage of the Serbian National Theatre, a regional pop star, Kaliope, will perform in the Youth Theatre, while some of the most important regional jazz performers Matija Dedić and Zoran Predina will perform in the Synagogue. Children Philharmonics will give its performance in the City Hall, Visoko C Association will perform the opera for children in Eđšeg,  Studio M will host a great mixture of tamburica bands from Osijek and Novi Sad led by Dušan Svilar, “Cirkoneo” Association will perform the circus cabaret titled BRE in the western hall of SPENS, various cultural-artistic associations from Zone 021 will perform in the hall of the Railway station, while the future “YouthCreativePolis”, i.e. Chinese district will transform in four venues for fans of techno sound and rap music with the performances of Paul Ritchiz from France, Lag, Klaus and Vladimir Aćić in Fabrika, while Necone, FridaySwag, Janchezz, Rasheed and Yeahleft will be performing in the Quarter.

Venue: more than 21 sites in Novi Sad, including the Serbian National Theatre, Youth Theatre, SPENS, NIS, Studio M, City Hall, Synagogue, Railway station, Chinese district