Matica srpska

MATICA SRPSKA is the oldest and most distinguished cultural and scientific institution among Serbs. It was founded in Budapest in 1826 and moved to Novi Sad in 1864. Founders of Maticasrpska: Jovan Hadzic, PetarRajic, AndrijaRozmirovic, Gavrilo Bozitovac, Jovan Demetrovic, Josif Milovuk I Djordje Stankovic gathered around the idea of preserving and developing Serbian culture and tradition but also presenting of it to the other European nations. Therefore, the publishing was very important and a proof of that is the continual existence of the oldest literary chronicle in the world- ‘’LetopisMaticesrpske’’ since 1824. Complex of Maticasrpska consists of a library and a gallery. The building itself was finished in 1912, but moved into in 1928; financed by Marija Trandafil according to the project of Momcilo Tapavica. The building is the seat of Matica srpska as well as of the Library of Matica srpska and departments for: literature and linguistics, sciences, performing arts and music, visual arts, lexicography and manuscripts. Very valuable collection is in possession of this institution and it consists of portraits of the founders, benefactors and contributors done by the famous Serbian painters mostly during the 19th century.


Matice srpske 1, Novi Sad