Cultural Centre of Novi Sad

CULTURAL CENTRE OF NOVI SAD exists more than a half of century with intention tocherish the culture. In the 1950s Cultural centre of the youth was founded as an antecedent of today Cultural centre of Novi Sad and it was an institution that gathered around the most significant artists of socialist Yugoslavia. As the witness of that period, founded in 1955, there is a magazine called ’’Polja’’ which is a sort of review of different literary theories and aesthetics, covering the region wider than the socialist Yugoslavia. Contemporary Cultural centre is the institution dealing with different types of art programmes: visual and performing arts as well as literature. Most of these programmes are happening in their theatre, club and galleries. Cultural centre of Novi Sad organizes these traditional festivals: INFANT-International Festival of Alternative and New Theatre, Novi Sad Jazz Festival, Prosefest, Festival of the European and Independent film Euro In Film, Anticevidani festival dedicated to the famous Serbian poet Miroslav Antic, and many other memorable event.


Katolička porta 5, Novi Sad, Serbia