Coffee shops

With coffee we start a day, we arrange socializing, we make breaks at work, we conduct some important and less important conversations … There are more and more places with a great selection of this popular drink in our city and their offers include classical “Turkish-Serbian” coffee, Nes coffees and espresso coffees in all possible variations and forms.

Coffee To Go

Che Guevara, Castro, Elizabeth or Stalin? Who do you choose? These are the names of the popular Nes coffee with tastes you can have in the Coffee To Go coffee shop. As soon as you enter this interesting site it...
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Čarolija kafe

A truly unique space of this coffee shop will make you want to come here. You simply cannot escape it because you can sit on a swing and drink coffee at the same time. Yes, you have read it well...
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Tucked into a small street very close to Bulevar Oslobođenja, a place with the simple name of Kafa&Kafa (Coffee & Coffee) will attract you, with both its excellent offer and comfortable interior and very friendly staff. You can get the...
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Kafe-galerija: Frida Kahlo

Since its opening, “Frida” has changed several sites, and it is currently located on the first floor above the main Novi Sad promenade. This is a bohemian gathering place for art lovers, which should not be a surprise because exhibitions...
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Officially the best and most expensive coffee in the world, grown in Panama, the famous “La Esmeralda Special” of “Geisha” variety, is also available in Novi Sad at the restaurant and coffe shop „Loft“. In addition to unusual coffees, both...
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