Officially the best and most expensive coffee in the world, grown in Panama, the famous “La Esmeralda Special” of “Geisha” variety, is also available in Novi Sad at the restaurant and coffe shop „Loft“. In addition to unusual coffees, both by taste, smell and the way of preparation, hedonists are also offered monastery brandy, freshly squeezed juices, craft Serbian beer, different types of whiskey and bourbon, steamed wines with food, as well as fruit cocktails. The shops are pleasant and interestingly decorated, they have their own beautiful garden, and thanks to their offer and top-class service, they have become one of the favourite places for coffee drinking in Novi Sad very early.

Njegoševa 2
Phone: +381 (0)60 0701171


Njegoševa 2, Shopping Centre Promenada, Stražilovska 37, Futoška 93b