Serbian Orthodox Church of St. George – Congregational church

SERBIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH OF THE SAINT GEORGE is the orthodox cathedral and is situated next to the Bishop’s Palace. Contemporary church is a one-nave building with a triple altar apse and with a tall Neo- Baroque belfry on the west. The first church was built at this place between 1734 and 1740. As the most of the buildings in the town, this church happened to be destroyed during the bombing in 1849. The temple was restoredbetween 1851 and 1853, according to the project of an architect from Budapest Gustav Saibe. The last renewal which was in the period 1902-1905 gave the building present-day appearance, which was the realization of the idea of another architect from Budapest- Michael Harmintz. The former iconostasis done by the painter Jovan Klajic (born1815-died1888) was replaced by a new one, done by a famous Serbian painter, a representative of the Academic Realism PajaJovanovic (born 1859- died 1957). Frescoes were done by a painter StevanAleksic. He was, also, one of the most significant Serbian painters of the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The church interior is exquisitely decorated by stained glass. According to the luxuriously ornamented inner space, a visitor may conclude that the community which built this temple was very rich.


Nikole Pašića