Slovak Evangelical Church A.V.

SLOVAK EVANGELIST CHURCH A.V. is at Jovana Subotica Street. The firstwritten documents on Slovaks in Novi Sad (formerly called Petrovaradin moat) are dating from the first decades of 18th century. The church that exists was built in 1886 by a lot of effort of the believersand the patronage of the Count Adolf Reisser. The project and the construction were led by Joseph Cocek, anarchitect from the family of constructors, whose Novi Sad founder was Aloiz Cocek, a building contractor. Joseph Cocek built this church by use of Classicist and Baroque elements as, for example, one nave building with massive belfry upon the foreground. Special values of this building represent the organ and the belfry. In extension of the church, there is The Slovak Evangelist Episcopacy A.V.


Vuka Karadžića