Clock Tower

THE CLOCK TOWER is at the upper town of the fortress. On this site, it used to be an older one which was demolished in 18th century. The radius of the clock is more than two metres long, the four clock faces are directed toward all four cardinal directions, numbers are in roman numerals and the main characteristics of this clock is that the longer hand tells the hours and shorter tells the minutes. This type of a clock needs daily winding up. On the top of the tower there are a vane and a compass. Near the clock tower is, so called, the long barrack i.e. two storey building from the second half of 18th century. At this building, in 1926 was the Aviation NCO school of Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians. The bestknown pupil was Franjo Kluz, the aviation pioneer in WWII. One of the most prominent buildings of the upper town is the Leopold’s gate with baroque foreground and suspension bridge, but also with a coat of arms and a motto of the Habsburg monarchy ‘’Viribusunitis’’(by the united forces).


Petrovaradin fortress