For relaxation and good mood

We do not know whether young people have always loved the famous Petrovaradin Fortress that much, but EXIT Festival has certainly made it one of the favourite places for young people who visit Novi Sad. Its space is enriched with numerous art studios, restaurants, cafes … but all those who are in love know very well that it is best to find a bench from which you can see the Danube and enjoy in a beautiful view with someone you love. Not so romantic, but exceptionally exciting time you can spend if you embark into exploring the mysteries of underground military galleries accompanied by a guide. After visiting “Djava”, as the young people of Novi Sad often call it, we suggest that you descend to Podgradje (Suburbium), a settlement that slowly becomes a new centre of cultural life of Novi Sad.
During the summer, the city offers a lot of fantastic sites for enjoying in sunbathing, bathing, beach volleyball and handball, and the most famous site for all these wonderful activities is, according to many, the most beautiful beach on the Danube – Štrand, where various events and tournaments are organised. Across Štrand there is Ribarsko ostrvo (Fishermen’s Island), a unique weekend settlement with many opportunities for good fun and enjoyment in local gastronomy, such as the restaurant “Piknik” and the fish tavern “Kućerak na Ribarcu”. Many citizens of Novi Sad also visit Rajsko ostrvo (Paradise Island) that is turned towards Sremski Karlovci, or some of the numerous indoor and outdoor pools in the city and its surroundings.
For a trip to a slightly higher altitude, you do not have to go far – it takes only half an hour’s drive from Novi Sad to get to some of the most famous picnic sites of Fruška Gora, ideal for gathering and barbecue under the clear sky. You can hire a guide on the mountain and walk or ride a horse along beautiful trails or even swim in the mountain lakes and enjoy in adrenaline sports. If you are in the mood only to relax in a soothing mountain air, find one of the many Fruška Gora’s wineries and enjoy in authentic taste of wines and the view of the unavoidable sunset.