Wine Academy of Serbia

The Wine Academy of Serbia is an organization that deals with education about wine, and was founded with the aim of providing knowledge through various wine trainings.  In 2015, it became part of the most prestigious and respected wine school in the world Wine and Spirit Education Trust and thus gained the opportunity to teach its future participants according to the highest world standards, and to award successful participants a certificate that is recognized throughout the planet and the most valued among the wine world.

The Wine Academy of Serbia holds trainings in Sremski Karlovci and Novi Sad, where in cooperation with the Tourism Organization of the City of Novi Sad, it organizes trainings for all those who want to gain knowledge. The trainings are conducted in Serbian and English, with the possibility of holding small, private tastings and trainings in smaller groups. The Wine Academy of Serbia is open to all wine lovers, future professionals who want to acquire knowledge and a diploma that is recognized in the country and abroad.

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Telephone: +381 (0)63 86 33 122