Tanasković Winery

Tanasković Winery is located in Krušedolski Prnjavor, in the immediate vicinity of the famous Krušedol monastery of Fruška Gora. There, on his great-grandfather’s land, which has always produced good grapes and fruit, Nemanja Tanasković  planted the first vines in 2010, and in 2019 he registered the winery, which he has been running since then with his sister Marija. The Tanasković  family are bold people, interested in new experiences brought by oenology and the laws of the market. Strongly relying on the bountiful land of Fruška Gora, they strengthen their wine story honestly with a creative commitment to viticulture and winemaking, consistently choosing their own rhythm and intensity of development. The following assortment of grapes was planted on 2.5 ha of land near the family home: Italian Riesling, Merlot and Hamburg Muscat. They offer white, red and rose varietal wines made from Hamburg Muscat. These are young wines, created by the traditional way of making wine with the use of oenological tools, to the extent that the advisory help of oenologist Vladan Đurić is necessary. The beginning of the strength and beauty of the wines of this winery can be found in the basic conviction of the young Tanasković  winemakers that honest and high-quality work and the strength of heritage based on the Fruška Gora terroir, are their most valuable capital.

If it is true that it is most difficult to get recognition for the quality of products in the environment they are produced in, then you should pay attention to the wines of Tanasković Winery, because they are crowned with awards from their own environment. Among those obtained in recent years are: Rivica Wine Days 2021 (absolute champion Merlot of Tanasković  Winery, vintage 2020); Rivica Wine Days 2022 (the best white wine Grasac of Tanasković  Winery, vintage 2021); Festival of Fruška Gora Wines Indjija 2022 (best Italian Riesling and gold medal in the white wine category Grašac of Tanasković  Winery, vintage 2021).

The construction of a tasting room is planned, but in the summer period, the arranged family yard, full of greenery and shade, is an excellent place for tasting and buying wine. In summer, with prior notice and agreement, a tasting can be organized for groups, which includes the presentation of the winery, wines, with snacks to separate the wines. Tasting and purchase are always possible.

You are always welcome at Tanasković  Winery.

Working hours: 9:00am – 9:00 pm (every day, for wine purchase)
For organized groups, announcement is mandatory, and is possible in the summer.
16 Lazara Tošića Street, Krušedol Prnjavor
Phone: +381 (0)63 700 84 52, (0)69 622 606;
E-mail: nemanjatanaskovik@gmail.com

Text: Gordana Stojaković
Photos: Aleksandar Milutinović
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Text posted in August 2022.


16 Lazara Tošića Street, Krušedol Prnjavor