Wine Cellar Danguba Winery

Trzin Dušan and Perić Rado, who recently introduced his daughter Jelena into the business, founded in 2015 a winery with an unusual name but excellent wines as their joint venture. The love for the wines, which is unavoidably complemented by joy of socializing, as well as hard work set the foundations for the Wine Cellar Danguba Winery (Vinarija podrum Danguba).

Everything that is developed here on such foundations relies on hard work in the vineyards, as well as the know-how when it comes to wine making and conservation. Just as in any other place, the wines of this wine house originate from the vineyards in Šid and Berkasovo on the Danguba stretch, after which the winery got its name.

The owners decided to grow the following grapevine assortment[1]: Rhine Riesling, Tamjanika, Chardonnay, Merlot and Muscat Hamburg, while there are also plantations of Cabernet Sauvignon and Probus whose yield is yet to come. The offer of wines includes the following: Podrum Danguba Ima dana (Rose), Podrum Danguba Ponovo naše (Tamjanika), Podrum Danguba Ima noći (Chardonnay), Podrum Danguba Za ljubav tebi (Sauvignon Blanc), Podrum Danguba Tek smo počeli (Rhine Riesling).

The above-mentioned wines are classified as quality aromatic wines, those that posses all the specificity of Fruška Gora terroir, where the grapes are nurtured with care on the slopes of ideal elevation, optimal mineral composition and exposure to sunshine, which together with the know-how and dedication of wine makers always brings out superb result. The superb nature of wine is contributed by the reduction of grapevine on the stem in a manner where approximately 1.5 kg of grape is poured into a bottle of wine, honouring the tradition as well as the required oenological achievements.

The quality of wine of the Wine Cellar Danguba Winery has been attested at an international level. The wines Podrum Danguba Ima noći (Chardonnay) 2015 and Podrum Danguba Tek smo počeli (Rhine Riesling) 2015 won silver recognitions at a prestigious International Wine Challenge – AWCVienna 2020.

The head office of the winery is currently located in the space that used to belong to a former construction development company from Šid, nowadays home to a spacious wine cellar. The future plans include the construction of a wine tasting room and accommodation for those who decide to stay here a bit longer.

Wine tasting and purchases are possible with prior announcement both in Šid as well as in the vineyard at Danguba stretch where it is planned to build the wine tasting facility with a wine cellar and bungalows alongside the existing house for rest. Subject to previous arrangement, the hosts are able to offer gourmet delicacies from Srem (dried meat products), fish pot, pork or lamb roast alongside wine tasting and purchases. Trzin and Perić families are an interesting, sociable folks that can win you over not only with their wine but also with their directness and a poem about a vineyard on Danguba – that fairytale place in the vicinity of Fruška Gora lake Sot.

Announcement is mandatory.
Đure Kiša Street 17-19, Šid
Phone: +381 (0)63 542 583; +381 (0)63 773 2419

Text: Gordana Stojaković
Photographs: Aleksandar Milutinović
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The text posted in: September 2021

[1]The transcription of grape assortment names is given according to Cindrić, Petar and Vladimir Kovač (2007) ″Viticulture and wine.“ Fruška gora. Ed. Nebojša Jovanović and Jelica Nedić.  pg. 498. Beograd: Zavod za udžbenike.


Đure Kiša 17-19, Šid