Dumo Winery

On the stretch of Salaksija, with a million dollar view of the Danube, there is a vineyard and Dumo Winery (Vinarija Dumo), a family business that began in 2011. The winery is the embodiment of a dream that permeates the memories of childhood. If there are no coincidences in the world, the fact that the owner of that dream and winery was born on St. Tryphon speaks in favour of predestination, seemingly random circumstances leaning on strong life plans that are driven by love and perseverance. Rarely anywhere at Fruška Gora are the life experience of the owner of the winery Milorad Jovićić, and the inspiration with the deity and genius of wine woven into the fascination of creating a heavenly drink and the feeling of satisfaction of all who drink it celebrating life. Everything here is subordinated to His Majesty the Wine.

Starting from the assortment of grapes [1], which consists of Pinot Noir, since recently Pinot Gris and soon Pinot Blanc, nurturing grapes, hand-picking, to the technology of wine making due to which one and a half grapevine stock fits into one bottle of wine, everything is thought out to mastery. The wines of this house are kept in a barrel for a year and in bottles for another two years, only to be presented to the wine audience during the third year.

They offer the winery’s premium line, Dumo Pinot Noir, with distinct fruity aromas and complexity, multiply awarded at foreign wine fairs: Decanter World Wine Awards 2017 (silver for Dumo Pinot Noir 2015) and 2020 (bronze for Dumo Pinot Noir 2017), The Austrian Wine Salon – AWS Vienna 2018 (silver for Dumo Pinot Noir 2016) and The Balkans International Wine Competition and Festival 2020 (gold for Dumo Pinot Noir 2016 and bronze for Dumo Pinot Noir 2017) as well as the fluffy Chestnut line, named after the are where the vineyard from which this wine is produced is located. Rosé Pinot Noir is also on offer, and from this year, the Dumo winery’s novelty, white from black – Blanc de Noir.

At the just completed Grand Appraisement of Wines of Serbia in 2021, the wines of this wine house won the following awards: in the category “Red still wines from international non-aromatic varieties” (silver for Dumo Pinot Noir 2017 and Dumo Pinot Noir 2018).

Tasting wine and prosciutto, goat cheese, ham, olives, etc. is possible for pre-announced and agreed groups of up to six people. For agreed and pre-announced groups – wine connoisseurs, a wine vertical tasting is organized (vintages 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018).

The winery is open for smaller groups of visitors in the period from May to September. The announcement is mandatory.
Salaksije Street bb, Rakovac
Phone: +381 (0)64 660 3417
E-mail: m.jovicic@vinarijadumo.rs
Website: www.vinarijadumo.rs

Text: Gordana Stojaković
Photographs: Aleksandar Milutinović
Tourism Organisation of the City of Novi Sad is not responsible for changes in information and services.
The text posted in: May 2021

[1] The transcription of the grape variety given according to: Cindrić, Petar and Vladimir Kovač (2007) “Vinogradarstvo i vina“ (“Viticulture and Wines“) Fruška Gora. ed. Nebojša Jovanović and Jelica Nedić. Pg. 498. Beograd: Zavod za udžbenike.


Salaksije bb, Rakovac