Spasić Manufacture

Wine lovers who like to explore new places for wine pleasures will find one in Novi Slankamen. Spasić Manufacture (Manufaktura Spasić) is located in the yard that belongs to a typical Srem house, which in terms of space consists of: space for grape processing, wine cellar, barique hall, wine tasting room, distillery and laboratory for wine and brandy quality assessment.

The business was started in 1999, first as a hobby and passion, and then it has been developed to this day as a successful family business. While the founder of this company, Saša Spasić, is a renowned entrepreneur outside the world of winemaking, his wife, Maja Popović, who is a graduate engineer oenologist and sommelier, is the soul of Manufaktura Spasić, a person worth meeting as much as her excellent wines.

The vineyards of this wine house are located in Slankamenački Vinogradi, where white grape varieties are grown, and on the stretch of Ćerlin, at the confluence of the Tisza and the Danube, where red grape varieties are grown. Here, the biological protection of vineyards is applied by using falcon birds, and that type of protection is supported by the Society of Falconers of Serbia. The selected assortment of grapes[1] consists of: Sauvignon White, Tamjanika, Muscat Hamburg, Muscat Crocan, Chardonnay, Sremska Zelenika, Rhine Riesling, Muscat Ottonel, Marselan, Petit Verdot and Rebo.

The wines on offer include: Svitac (Chardonnay), Krivac Selekcija (barique Marselan and Petit Verdot), Krivac (oak Marselan and Petit Verdot), Taman (rose Marselan and Muscat Hamburg), Tamjanika, Sremska Zelenika, Oroz (Muscat Ottonel), Posle 1001 suze (white Sauvignon) and Rebus (Rebo). These are the wines made according to the recipe of love and knowledge to be the kind that the owners of the winery want to drink, and then to share with the guests.

Quality awards have been won at many wine festivals and evaluations: Novi Sad, Topola, Aranđelovac, BeoWine, Inđija, Neštin and others all until Maja Popović became a member of the State Commission for Wine Evaluation, so that the wines of the Spasić Manufacture have not been able to compete for awards in the country and the region in recent years. Regardless of the awards, the life of the winery is based on the principle – there is salvation in wine, and the same is applied both in work and in relation to visitors and wine lovers.

The Spasić Manufacture is also known for the production of brandy. The brandies on offer are: Baba Jaga (calvados), Moja Dunja, Moja Milica (pomegranate, dog rose, hawthorn and dried figs in grapevine macerate), Moja Kruna (cognac making technology) and Moja Loza (Traminac, Chardonnay and Muscat Ottonel).

Visitors will feel comfortable in the wine tasting room, which can accommodate up to sixty people. According to the previous agreement, the following wine tasting and purchase programmes are possible: tour of the winery, introduction to wine-making processes, tasting with snacks for wine separation (cheese pies, “projice”, selection of home-made cured meat products and cheeses) and wine purchase; birthday celebrations, weekend lunches all with fried meat, salads, fruit and dessert or wine and food stacking programmes where each wine of this house is offered together with a suitable plate of abundance (gang).

Among the dozen offered gangs and wines that go with them, you can find the following combinations: sturgeon and Tamjanika, gourmet chicken burger and Svitac, chicken breasts in gorgonzola sauce and Posle 1001 Suze, wild boar or venison stew and Krivac ( both types), kuglof (Gugelhupf) and Oroz etc. Spasić Manufacture wines and brandies are mostly sold on the doorstep, so you can rarely find them in some other places. But, that is why you can find one of the hosts in Novi Slankamen, most often Maja Popović, who will unobtrusively but expertly guide you through the attractive world of wine tastes and brandy seriousness.

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Jovana Dučića Street 6, Novi Slankamen
Phone: +381 (0)60 335 5900

Text: Gordana Stojaković
Photographs: Aleksandar Milutinović
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The text posted in: August 2021

[1] The transcription of the grape assortment given according to: Cindrić, Petar and Vladimir Kovač (2007) “Vinogradarstvo i vina“ (“Viticulture and Wines“) Fruška Gora. Ed. Nebojša Jovanović and Jelica Nedić. Pg. 498. Beograd: Zavod za udžbenike


Jovana Dučića 6, Novi Slankamen