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We visited PUBeraj

August 19, 2019

On a hot Sunday night, we decided to visit Puberaj. Seemingly hidden in the small Mite Ruzića street , this beautiful bar is all but not hidden. It is already well known to both Novi Sad locals and beyond. That evening, we got a chance to meet in person the Puberaj’s owner Andrija Nikitović, in town otherwise known as Brica.


He explained to us over fantastic cocktails that Puberaj actually consists of three parts PUBeraj, Čarolija Berberaj and Feniraj, and that in fact the whole idea of developing a pub in this way was completely unplanned and happened spontaneously. It all started in 2003 with the opening of the barber shop, and more than a decade later, the barber shop got a boost in the form of the Puberaj bar, so you could enjoy great beer while you wait for the haircut. Feniraj, the last but not the least important thing for the ladies is made, and the women of the nicer sex can now arrange their hair with coffee, and then immediately go on to a party in Puberaj. And we’ll reveal a little secret to you, the fourth part of Tosteraj is opening soon, and we have no doubt that it will become as popular as other parts of this, above all, authentic pub.

That evening, we enjoyed the sounds of jazz on the records played by Toma Kuzović in the garden of the bar, thus further contributing to the summer atmosphere. What has certainly become a symbol of the PUB-eraj, and what first catches the eye of any visitor, is the mural on the wall of the garden, another of the things that makes this pub special. We immediately wanted a selfie in front of the colorful mural to capture this visit and share the photos as soon as possible on their social media.

We spent the rest of the evening indulging in the sounds of jazz, cocktails and soaking up the bar’s phenomenal atmosphere with conversation. It goes without saying that we were delighted and expressed our desire to return to Pubraj again, but next time we would like to first get ready in either Feniraj  or Berberaj.


Author: Dunja Knežević