Vrdnik, a renowned spa resort is located some twenty kilometres away from Novi Sad, at Fruška Gora. Thermal water with temperatures of around 32oC is used for treatment of numerous diseases.

Special hospital for rehabilitation “Termal” with outdoor and indoor pools, congress hall, restaurants, different types of accommodation together with its team of experts offers primarily excellent conditions for rehabilitation as well as ideal conditions for exercising of recreational sports making it an ideal place for preparation of professional athletes.

Vrdnik is also a home to a modern hotel “Premier Aqua” that can satisfy the needs of the most choosey guest with its abundance of different amenities. The above-mentioned hotel has a modern spa centre, congress hall, restaurant and rich equipped rooms and suites.

Another tourist resort located in the vicinity of Vrdnik is ethno complex “Vrdnička kula” lying on the foothills of Fruška Gora. The resort has at its disposal an ethno restaurant with terrace, wine cellar, bungalows for accommodation, church, children playground and numerous other amenities.

Wellness & Spa hotel “Fruške terme” is the first luxury hotel complex in Serbia that includes eight thermal pools, 11 state-of-the art conference halls, Wellness & Spa Center, restaurant and bars. This unique thermal spa complex is located next to the Ethno complex Vrdnička kula.

The monastery Vrdnik (Vrdnik Ravanica) is located in the very centre of the settlement. The church itself is mentioned for the first time in written records from the end of the 16th century, while its current monastery building dedicated to the Ascension of Christ was constructed in the 19th century. The monks that fled from monastery Ravanica (at Ćuprija) at the end of the 17th century brought with themselves relics of Serbian lord Lazar murdered during the battle of Kosovo polje 1389. The bust of a poet Milica Stojadinović Srpkinja (1828-1878) is located in the courtyard of the monastery.

In the vicinity of the spa complex, there are numerous apartments, rooms, houses for rent, and villas suited for needs and abilities of numerous visitors.

You can get more informations about tourist offer of Vrdnik at the Tourist Organization of Irig municipality www.turorgirig.org.rs