Vegan and vegetarian restaurants

Despite the fact that many foreigners consider Serbia as a land of meat eaters, the things are beginning to change gradually from the aspect of gastronomy. Novi Sad is no exception when it comes to aspirations for keeping up to speed with global trends in healthy nutrition. The first vegan restaurant in Serbia was opened in our city, while such nutrition is slowly but surely finding its fans so that more and more restaurants are deciding to incorporate vegan menu in their standard offer. There are also exclusively vegan restaurants that are becoming increasingly popular and more numerous with younger generations.

Vege & Vegan

This is a vegan restaurant that offers breakfast and lunch and that is open from 11.00 a.m. till 17.00 p.m. The standard offer of breakfast and lunch includes excellent desserts such as: chia pudding, non-gluten pancakes, fruit salads and muffins....
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The “Ananda” Restaurant has become the synonym for vegan cuisine in Novi Sad. It is one of the first vegan restaurants in Serbia. The food ingredients are procured fresh from the market as well as from restaurant′s owner own land...
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